Photo – Lim Ju Hwan on ‘Unctrollably Fondly’ Wrap-up Party

Yesterday, April 13th 2016, ‘Unctrollably Fondly’ drama production held their wrap up party at Non Hyeon-dong, Seoul. This drama is pre-produce and finish their filming on April 12th and will be broadcast at July 6th 2016.

Then, let’s collect Lim Ju Hwan photos on that event 🙂

By News1 “Lim Ju Hwan, Self-Glowing at Non Hyeon-dong”

And from others news outlet.


Well, I agree with News1 reporter. He looks so glowing. Maybe, he just found ‘his happiness’ ? Who knows.

Now, let’s waiting till July. I do wish, he get a decent airtime in ‘Uncontrollably Fondly’. I hate his 2 previous drama. I know, his not the main, but his not an extras either, so they should treat him fairly.


My love and support all for you Lim Ju Hwan ssi. FIGHTING!


2 thoughts on “Photo – Lim Ju Hwan on ‘Unctrollably Fondly’ Wrap-up Party

    1. That’s very nice of you. This blog kind of hibernate because I couldn’t find any interesting information about him. He kind of lay low in the latter part of this year. But I’m glad you like this blog. Nice to know you 😊

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