Lim Ju Hwan as Hu Ye, A Living Layered Character – Compilation of Comments

Stalking a Dramabeans Recaps and comments just to find that Lim Ju Hwan, once again, succeed to bring his character as alive, complicated, layered human.


Hu-ye is quickly becoming the most interesting character in this show for me — I love how he’s so torn between what he is and who he wants to be. Im Joo-hwan is perfectly cast here, because you can really feel his despair when he thinks about the destructive nature of his powers and how much death and pain he’s capable of. He’s so tragic, because you can’t help but mourn what he could have been if he’d only had a father who understood him. Yes, his power is fire and fire kills, but it also warms and comforts. Even when fire destroys, it cleanses and paves the way for new, healthy life. Fire can be controlled and utilized for wonderful, life-giving purposes, and that’s the side of fire that I see in Hu-ye. I just want him to see that he can use his powers for good things, because he really is a good person, and that the mistakes in his past were just that and not a reflection of his spirit.

But what I like most about Hu-ye is that we understand why he does the things he does, because his reasons and motivations are made clear.

Is it bad that I’m now watching BOTWG solely because of Hu-Ye’s storyline?
I hate to say it, but currently the OTP’s love story, while bittersweet and romantic, seems a bit stale. Habaek’s confession was pretty great script-writing, but that happened within the first 17 minutes of the Show.
Because Show deliberately refrains from giving us a lot of information regarding the mythology and history of the divine kingdom, the only character who is interesting currently is Hu-Ye, as he is the only one with an actual struggle. Like @Lollupip said in her recap of episode 9, Hu-Ye’s struggle and storyline have REAL and dire consequences. Therefore, it’s more interesting. Also, I find it interesting that Geol-rin is really setting up Hu-Ye to put all his hopes in a relationship with So-Ah. I hope Hu-Ye becomes an actual rival to Habaek because it sure doesn’t look that way right now, and who wants a boring love triangle where the second lead never really had a chance? That would be boooooring.
When Hu-Ye discussed with Geol-rin the previous deaths that he had caused and the horror of almost killing So-Ah, his torment felt so overwhelming and palpable, my heart just went out to him. Sometimes the most compelling story is the one where the character is fighting against himself in order to be a BETTER self.
Will he go dark? Will he somehow pull through? What (or who) will be the factor that influence him the most?
Im Ju Hwan in the rain…..would love more of that. I’m surprised the water didn’t turn into steam upon hitting him, he is so hot in that scene. Dare I say it, I think Im Ju Hwan has more charisma and gravitas than NJH. :O

Huye is hands-down the most interesting, complex, layered, perfectly-cast character in this drama.

I do agree that HY is the most layered character in this story. I guess it’s because he’s the only one who has a legitimate, heartwrenching struggle. He’s the outcast, the one abused from birth, the one who’s being discriminated against no matter how hard he tries. He’ll definitely tug on everyone’s heartstrings, especially since we can see how desperately he’s been trying to avoid the gods and live his own life. Plus yes, IJH definitely pulls off that internal struggle really, really well.

Im Joo Hwan is killing it and acts his co-stars out on such a different level that it makes you feel like watching two different dramas. On one hand there’s the shallow pretty romcom and then the tragedy play about Hu Ye’s life and him losing grip on his humanity.

Agreed, @em and I. Im Ju Hwan brings depth, layers and complexity, all the while being able to maintain clarity into his character while all the other characters seem a bit cardboard.

I hope the 4 younger leads are taking notes, IJH is giving them acting lessons with each episode.

That “Do I deserve someone like her?” line of HuYe! Oh My God! Totally nailed it! Sometimes I’m wondering why you’re not the main character!

Ikr! Also the scene where Huye’s following Soah without her knowing. I find it sweet, as if I’m watching the main loveline!

The reason this drama is not receiving much love is because it feels like the main characters are the bullies and the CEO is the good guy. Those two gods are petty and most ungodlike and Habaek doesn’t actually do anything, other than indulge in long broody silences. There comes a point, when one feels like giving up…what are you good for?
On the other hand, the CEO exhibits the full range of emotions someone in this situation would face. He doesn’t seem like the bad guy at all, he is conflicted, he tries his best to control his impulses even when he is under extreme provocation. He doesn’t randomly use his powers to give himself more power, in fact he is more about keeping it quiet. He is so much more likeable than those 3… so, how can people continue to tune in to watch week after week when you think the supposed baddie is more of a good guy than the actual good guys?

Hu-ye is basically the only character that is holding my interest, and that actor is fantastic.

As opposed to Hu Ye / Im Joo Hwan’s problems, which seem more real and layered, both story-wise and acting-wise.

Huye needs a spin off series.

I just logged in to shout praises for IJH. I already knew that he can act but boy he took my breath away. I like that his acting is subtle but the message he tries to convey is there. I do wish that moving forward he would have main lead roles. It is such a shame that he would only play second fiddle to those he can act circles with. Although to be fair I do not think NJH is bad I just think that he just paled in comparison to IJH.

It’s just that IJH is so *consistently excellent* so the difference is just more obvious.

If it is not for IJH, I would have ended the show… yikes…

Source : comments on Bride of The Water God Recaps on Dramabeans site


3 thoughts on “Lim Ju Hwan as Hu Ye, A Living Layered Character – Compilation of Comments

  1. Bettina Chua

    Wow! I’ll surely watch BOTWG because of IJH. I’m so proud because IMPJH is noticed by the viewers. I hope IJH will have more tv series and be the protagonist.

  2. I’m so glad so many people like lim ju hwan here… His acting is so amazing, he surprises me with all the roles he has taken on so far… why can’t those producers make him the leading male role… why…?

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