Throw Back to Ugly Alert

A couple days ago, Lim Juhwan attend VIP premiere of ‘Memoir of Muderer’ movie, which Seol Hyun, his ‘little sister’ in Ugly Alert, is being casted.

That brings me to look back on my video collection of Ugly Alert. Look again of how sweet their interaction in Ugly Alert. Continue reading “Throw Back to Ugly Alert”


Lim Ju Hwan Opens A Weibo Account – Go Follow Him

In case you just not know it, yet.., today Lim Ju Hwan update his instagram with his new weibo account.

I have little knowledge about weibo but one commenter say its chinese-twitter-ish social media. Many other K-artist own weibo account too. Maybe its his way to measure how popular he is in China.

Go follow him my fellow Chinese visitor. Me? I don’t think I can follow him there. Definitely, I’ll gonna be in lost-in-translation mode😅

Have a nice following guys😊