History of Hallyu Wave of Mine

It’s all start in the end of 2011 

Lie To Me → Kang Ji Hwan & Yun Eun Hye
I barely remember what I watch before Lie To Me so I just listed LTM as my first K-Drama. This drama OTP chemistry was the thing that brought me to the hallyu wave. I experienced shipper time because of them. It was fun, actually.

Coffee Prince → Gong Yu & Yun Eun Hye
My second YEH’s drama and my first introduction to Lee Seon Gyun. Yep, I got second lead syndrom 🙂

Goong → Ju Ji Hun & Yun Eun Hye
My third YEH’s drama. You’re right, I like her. In my eyes, she can be graceful and the other time can be tomboy but still beautiful 🙂

Coffee House → Kang Ji Hwan & Eun Jung (for me 😀 )
I tried to finish it but I can’t. I ship him with his secretary, that’s why.

My Name is Kim Sam Sun → Hyeon Bin & Kim Seon Ah
Winter Sonata → Bae Yong Jun & Choi Ji Wu

City Hall → Cha Seung Won & Kim Seon Ah
Secret Garden → Hyeon Bin & Ha Ji Won
Pasta → Lee Seon Gyun & Gong Hyo Jin

And there’s dramas that I can’t even finished it because its story line are out of my expectation.

Hong Gil Dong → Kang Ji Hwan & Seong Yu Ri
Boys Before Flower → Lee Min Ho & Gu Hye Seon
Maybe that’s why I didn’t know that Lim Ju Hwan was part of episode 17 of this drama. This drama is BORED me to death. I paid attention only when Kim Beom appeared 😀 But still, it cannot help
Mary Stayed Out All Night → Jang Geun Seok & Mun Geun Young
I Do I Do → Lee Jang Wu & Kim Seon Ah

And then came my era of fangirling because of this drama…

Tamra The Island → Lim Ju Hwan & Seo Wu
I decided to watch it because its one of dramas recommended by OC Koala. I never know Lim Ju Hwan before. I stick to this drama solely because of Park Kyu charm. I cannot stand William and Beo Jin scenes and how I hate her for making Park Kyu feeling sad and heartbroken. The most heartbroken scene is a farewell scene between Park Kyu and Beo Jin. Watching Park Kyu sobbing silently behind the closed door was…
After I finished it, I started to searching anything about Lim Ju Hwan. Yep, Lim Ju Hwan new admirer was born 😀

The Snow Queen → Hyeon Bin & Seong Yu Ri
Lim Ju Hwan playing second fiddle here. Actually, he’ll be a sweet boyfriend for Bora.

What’s Up? → Lim Ju Hwan & Kim Ji Won (because she’s his love interest here, but there’s Jo Jeong Seok, Lim Ju Eun, Dae Seong too)
My favorite over Lim Ju Hwan’s drama. The casts, the music, the story.., even there’s un-settled story of Jang Jae Heon and Park Tae Yi, overall it’s a great storyline.

Ugly Alert → Lim Ju Hwan & Kang So Ra
Even though the writer made such unrealistic-ly kind Gong Jun Su character, this drama has its perfect storyline.., until she made the heroine out of her character for the sake of fulfilling the extended episodes. This drama originally plan as 120 eps drama but being extent for 133eps. The independent and open-mided Na Do Hui suddenly became a drama queen just because Gong Jun Su cannot tell her his secret? Well, he willing to spent 10 years of his youth in jail for keep it secret, what do you expect Do Hui?

While waiting Lim Ju Hwan new project in 2014, I watched
I Miss You → JYJ Yu Cheon & Yun Eun Hye
I ship Yun Eun Hye with Yu Seung Ho actually. Second Lead Syndrome again 🙂
Golden Time → Lee Seon Gyun & Hwang Jeong Eum
But I can’t finished it because Lee Seon Gyun character is too dumb as a doctor ><
Miss Korea → Lee Seon Gyun & Lee Yeon Hee
The first time I knew about BB cream and Lee Ki Wu 😀 Mis-focus, eh..
King’s Daughter Su Baek Hyang → Seo Hyeon Jin & Seo Wu
I can’t finished it. Not because it’s bad but because the subtitle one’s came so late and I already get the spoiler from my friend so I quit.

The Diary of Hyeong Yeong Dang → Lim Ju Hwan & Lee Won Geun
It was a one act drama which tell story about a man in Joseon era who fall in love with his half little-brother. I never knew what the actual conversation in english but at the end, Lim Ju Hwan character and his wife died, both by suicide but with different circumstances.

Shine or Go Crazy → Jang Hyeok & Oh Yeon Seo
My personal opinion for this drama… I didn’t despise the drama nor the casts but SOME of the fans of the OTP… They were so rude when they talked about the supporting characterS. And Lim Ju Hwan character was NOT that evil tbh but his character assassination he received.., wow… Okay, okay, I stop here. Period.

Unkind Women → There’s a lots of main cast 😀
I couldn’t finish it because I spoiled it. I just want to know who’s Jung Ma Ri ended with, but when I found out she choose Song Jae Rim’s character, I disagree with her so I quit. 🙂

And, then it came. A drama that make a ‘Re-Discovery of Lim Ju Hwan’.

Oh My Ghost → Jo Jeong Seok & Park Bo Young
When he got role for this drama, I was kind of sad because why he couldn’t get the lead role but then I thought, being second wasn’t that bad IF he could outshine the lead. My hope dimmed when he got only 5 minutes screen time in average per episode. Thank God, he got that chances in almost the end of the drama. There’s even a quote from one viewers, “This drama start with Park Bo Young, end with Lim Ju Hwan. Epic”.

So, what do you think? Am I that ‘obsessed’ to Lim Ju Hwan? :p

…to be continue…

One thought on “History of Hallyu Wave of Mine

  1. Melody

    O.M.G. MY EXACT SAME FEELINGS WHEN WATCHING UGLY ALERT. *trying hard right now to keep the shrieks in* Gong Jun Su is the perfect dream guy and Na Do Hui is the perfect role model for all the ambitious girls BUT just suddenly nearing the end when she became all so dramatic just because GongJunSu kept the truth from her, I’m like omg this is not the NaDoHui i know. WHAT IS HAPPENING ??!?!? but then again its a very heartwarming happy ending so i still loved the drama 🙂 i am just really glad i found someone who shared the exact same sentiments as me that i have to share this !!!

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