Yep. What a bitter reality. I did incredible things for my unrequited love for Ju Hwan. Maybe for a young teenagers, making an instagram account, just to make instaworld acknowledge him when no other did yet, is not that incredible. Maybe, blogging about Ju Hwan, create a FB fanspage for Ju Hwan, is not that incredible. But for an old woman with 3 teenagers kids with no interest for asian drama before (and still  now I think, except for his drama), not give a slight idea of adoring a celebrity (cause they just a common human with a goodlooking physics, no more than that); THAT HELL OF INCREDIBLE THINGS. Because I have a magic word; he’s different so that’s why I act different. But then…(sigh)…

That’s okay, that’s love. Still love him.., this blog still alive is the proof…

Enough for the why, now…, the PASSWORD is


The hint : the role name of his first sageuk drama, in English! If you had watched it, it’s an easy task.