[Trans] Excerpt of Im Ju Hwan Part – Jo Jeong Seok Interview

*Because Im Ju Hwan strangely has no interview after Oh My Ghost ended, I only can give you what other cast said about him in their interview. It’s quite sad, actually, to the fact that he did an extraordinary act.*

Q : “All the character have beautifully growth” It was pretty impressive. (How about) Im Ju Hwan? Im Ju Hwan was a terrific villain.

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Oh My Ghostess Ep 15 – Im Ju Hwan Cut

Oh My Ghost 15.4

Choi Seong Jae. You’re the villain but look, I cried watch this scene. How could you? That’s why… I am very very very lousy when it comes to write out my thought.., plus seeing that scene in the end…, how can I write something about this episode? 😦

But I am not alone. According to naver and daum search news, many viewers curious for what happens to Seong Jae. And they applaud Im Ju Hwan for his outstanding acting skill. There.., that mades me calmer. Okay let’s start from the beginning.

The evil spirit inside Seong Jae very angry when Sun Ae told him that he’ll pay for his wrong doing and try to strangle her but luckily, Sun Ae is a ghost! And, she made to run away from that evil spirit!

Oh My Ghost 15b Oh My Ghost 15c

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ReBlog – [Spoilers] Oh My Ghostess + major spoiler for finale (read at your own risk)

tv Report – Naver: ‘Oh My Ghostess’ Im Joo Hwan’s death releases the evil spirit

1. [+15,965, -122] Im Joo Hwan looked so pitiful in the last part..That was sad

2. [+15, 370, -187] This episode is daebak. Im Joo Hwan’s honestly an amazing actor.. ㅜㅜㅠ But the suicide part… Come back, our kind Officer Choi

3. [+12, 682, -125] Wow.. You can feel his pain through his eyes

4. [+11,201, -100] This drama’s insane. It’s the best. Poor Eun Hee ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+8,893, -119] If he dies, will the evil spirit remain stuck inside him? I’m scared that he’ll ruin another life ㅜㅜ

6. [+2,716, -19] A drama that started with Park Bo Young and ends with Im Joo Hwan. Epic

7. [+2,702, -10] Im Joo Hwan’s facial expression at the end is so complex. It’s a mix of shock, guilt, and regret….Daebak

8. [+2,574, -13] Please give Im Joo Hwan a bonus. How did people fail to notice this wonderful man?

1. [1,337, -12] This is an episode dedicated to Joo Hwan. He exceeded my expectations. The thrills in this episode put me at the edge of my seat. Chef Kang was cool today while Bong Sun was brave.. And the evil spirit that ruined Officer Choi, is terrifying as heck.

2. [+1,044, -13] Officer Choi lived such a pitiful life. ㅠㅠ I hope this drama will shot him to stardom

3. [+120, -1] Upgrade Im Joo Hwan to the lead role next time because he’s way too good to be playing supporting roles.. I liked him as Gong Junsu in ‘Ugly Alert’

4. [+106, 0] I thought Seolbingu unni was about to kill him, my heart was racing. His feelings for Eun He must be sincere

Osen – Nate: ‘Oh My Ghostess’ Im Joo Hwan chooses to end his life… Will it end happily for Jo Jung Seok and Park Bo Young?

5. [+1,361, -17] Everyone abandoned Officer Choi and the only ones who are sincere to him are Eun Hee and her family but the evil spirit messed up his life

6. [+1,154, -18] They did a great job with the evil spirit’s CG.. It looked extremely creepy. I feel so sorry for the Officer..

7. [+114, -5] I pity Eun Hee the most.. She got into an accident that crippled herself and her dream. And now she’s about to lose her husband too..

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Instiz: OMG’s major spoiler for finale

-Heol daebak…..!!!!!!!

-Is that his wife beside him???

-I want a happy ending

-What on earth?!!! Daebak. Nice!!!!!!

-I’m so happy he’s alive

-I haven’t even started watching this drama. Why did I click on this? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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[Trans] – ‘Oh My Ghost’ Park Bo Young Ideal Type, In Reality is Im Ju Hwan

tvN Fri-Sat drama ‘Oh My Ghost’ Park Bo Young talk about Jo Jeong Seok and Im Ju Hwan’s charm.

At ‘Oh My Ghost’ drama press conference in the past, when being ask who’s the one which close to her ideal type, “It’s a difficult question” she replied.

Park Bo Young then add “In drama, Im Ju Hwan oppa is a married man. So I will choose Jo Jeong Seok oppa. But in reality, I will choose Im Ju Hwan oppa because Jo Jeong Seok oppa already has a girlfriend” her answer brought laughter.

Then (she said) “Im Ju Hwan oppa is steady and calm. On the other hand, Jo Jeong Seok oppa is cheerful and bright. Both are attractive, but have very opposite charm”. Also “And I am very happy to filming with two attractive men” she add.

Park Bo Young appear in episode 15 “Oh My Ghost’ which will broadcast at Aug 21th, and this drama will end on episode 16 at Aug 22th.

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