Throw Back to Ugly Alert

A couple days ago, Lim Juhwan attend VIP premiere of ‘Memoir of Muderer’ movie, which Seol Hyun, his ‘little sister’ in Ugly Alert, is being casted.

That brings me to look back on my video collection of Ugly Alert. Look again of how sweet their interaction in Ugly Alert. Continue reading “Throw Back to Ugly Alert”


[Poll] Ugly Alert Couple, is it a real thing? (Closed & Solved)

Lim Ju Hwan Kang Sora, Lim Ju Hwan dating, Lim Ju Hwan girlfriend, Lim Ju Hwan Kang Sora kiss are popular search term on this blog. Make me think, are they ship-ing Ugly Alert couple, in this particular, Lim Ju Hwan and Kang Sora, for real?


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‘Ugly Alert’ Im Ju Hwan 133Eps Drama Worth Re-Watched

Gong Junsu, Gong Nari, Gong Jinju, Gong Hyeonseok

Yep, worth Re-Watched! Not only worth watching but worth re-watched. That’s how good this drama. Is ‘133 eps’ make you hesitate? Ugly Alert is daily drama which run 30-40 minutes per episode, so it’s like 60-70 eps weekdays or weekend drama. When you watch this drama, you gonna smiling, crying, laughing, sobbing, swooning but never hating. In one phrase, ‘You gonna love it!’

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Most Favorite Kiss Scene of Im Ju Hwan in Ugly Alert – My 4th Polls

While waiting for the latest news or picture about Im Ju Hwan, let me give you a new polls.

From my previous polls, it seems that the most favorite pairing is Gong JunSu and Na DoHui with 73%, And as my post about Im Ju Hwan Kissing Scene has topped my blog views, so let me ask you again, which kissing scene of JunSu and DoHee you like the most.

Thank you for participating 🙂