Lim Ju Hwan as Seo Geon Wu, A Video Cut Compilation

The Snow Queen, 2016 drama

Part 1

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Im Ju Hwan’s Dramas – Where You Can Watch With English Subtitle

Yesterday, when I stalked hashtag Joo Hwan, there’s one that made me sigh. “I forgot that Im Joo Hwan and Kang So Ra had a drama together. Gah, I hope there are subs.” Err, sorry but there are!!! You just had to try harder. You just had to use your search engine more intense. Just because you didn’t search deeper that doesn’t mean they aren’t exist.

I know not everyone like me, who prefer stalk, search, observe first then talk. But still…

Okay, I give in. In this post, I’ll give you the link where you can watch Im Ju Hwan’s drama in English sub for free.

  1. The Snow Queen English sub (as 2nd lead with Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri) → Gooddrama
  2. Tamra The Island (with Seo Wu) English sub → Gooddrama (16 episode version)
  3. What’s Up (with Dae Seong, Jo Jeong Seok, Im Ju Eun, Kim Ji Won) English sub → Gooddrama
  4. Ugly Alert (with Kang So Ra) English Sub → HotDrama , Gooddrama has it until episode 100.
  5. Shine or Go Crazy (as 2nd lead with Jang Hyuk and Oh Yeon Seo) English sub → Gooddrama

Not a long list tho. But, you can decide yourself what kind of actor Im Ju hwan is. Many said that he is underrated actor, say me too. But again, it’s your opinion. At the end, enjoy his dramas with english sub and never say there’s no english sub of his drama before you search deeper.

My First Poll – From What Drama You Know About Im Ju Hwan?

I’m curious to know where was the first time you know about Im Ju Hwan? I mean in what drama? Me? I first knew about Ju Hwan in Tamra The Island. Even I watched Boys Before Flower earlier but I missed my chance to know him there because I drop it after skipping so many scene.

So what about you? Please tell me in this poll below. Thank you 🙂