The Technicians – Im Ju Hwan Cut #1

Maybe this movie got a good ticket sales but I still think this movie is terrible. Sorry, Ju Hwan ssi, I got to be honest. I did not enjoy this movie, except your fighting scene. It’s different from ‘Suicide Forecast’. I did enjoy it from the start till the end, even you appear only a 10 or 20 minutes in total. I never regret to watch it. It’s really entertaining and touching.

Anyway, here’s the first part.

Speaks Through The Eyes

Do you know what I like from you the most? Your eyes! I always feel like your eyes speaks a lot more than your words itself. Whether from noble Park Kyu, silly Jae Hun or kindly Jun Su, that eyes did the same thing to me.

Your first villain role has no exception. With the same cold expression, your eyes speaks in different way. Maybe other can’t see it, but I do. Let me tell you what I hear from your eyes when I saw it.Β  Continue reading “Speaks Through The Eyes”