This is The Moment 지금 이순간 , Im Ju Hwan

This is the moment, Ju Hwan ssi. The moment you’ve been waiting since 2004. The moment when many people, finally, recognized you as an actor. The moment when your hope, wish and dream you’d been state before come true. Let’s get some throwback.

“I just don’t want to become an ‘actor’, I want to become an actor that gains many people’s recognition. When I say this again in the future, I will not be embarrassed. I have a lot of curiosity towards different situations and people. I think an actor is like a ‘sculptor’. Whatever kind of detailed expression, they must be able to skillfully and easily express it. I never once regretted walking on the path as an actor. The new challenges that will come with acting are only starting now.”

Source cookingdramas

And, you did it! The proofs, you managed to be trending twitter on South Korea at Aug 21 2015. That’s MANY, Im Ju Hwan ssi!

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‘Ugly Alert’ Im Ju Hwan 133Eps Drama Worth Re-Watched

Yep, worth Re-Watched! Not only worth watching but worth re-watched. That’s how good this drama. Is ‘133 eps’ make you hesitate? Ugly Alert is daily drama which run 30-40 minutes per episode, so it’s like 60-70 eps weekdays or weekend drama. When you watch this drama, you gonna smiling, crying, laughing, sobbing, swooning but never hating. In one phrase, ‘You gonna love it!’

Gong Family; Jun Su – Nari – Jin Ju – Hyeon Seok

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ReBlog – [INTERVIEW] Im Joo Hwan: I Grew Up Together With Gong Joon Soo

Originally written by cookingdrama, tumblr blogger at Dec 10th 2013.

“It feels like I just debuted. People gradually know more about me.”

Twenty minutes before the start of the interview, I received a phone-call. It was actor Im Joo Hwan who already arrived at the location we had arranged for. Before meeting him,  the image of a ‘sincere, rising star’ and other pleasant images arose in my mind. Having accepted interview after interview for the whole week he must’ve been tired, but Im Joo Hwan appeared without any signs of tiredness and carried a joyful smile instead.

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